RED CARPET BEAUTY: Top Treatments for On and Off the Red Carpet

From Beverly Hills Courier

BY Carole Dixon September 20, 2019

With the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards airing live this Sunday, Sept. 22nd from the Microsoft Theatre downtown, our city is in an aesthetic flurry trying to make sure everyone looks their best on the red carpet – and at all the proceeding A-list events, parties and dinners leading up to televisions big night. We combed the city to find some of the best places to rejuvenate with the latest treatments and trends whether you want to look thinner, younger, sexier or just ‘flake’ free. Spoiler alert: we found simple earthy ingredients such as salt to be trending along with plain-old relaxation and well-being.

Good things Come in Threes

One name that always comes up constantly in cosmetic circles – past clients have included everyone from Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman to the Kardashian reality clan – is Dr. Ava Shamban at AVA MD BH who shared with the Courier her one-two-three punch for a picture-perfect red-carpet-ready look for the full body.

For the “big picture,” Dr. Ava recommends a triple dose of these treatments: EmSculpt, Z Wave and Ballancer Pro Body Trio to give a little instant boost to your bottom line, your belly or thighs. This trifecta, when done in tandem, is the best in body boosting protocol for an important occasion or a big red carpet-reveal.

1) EmSculpt is a muscle contractor that is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups per session which also can be used as a buttock lifter to offer a sleek physique for a black-tie gown.

2) Z Wave by Zimmer breaks up adipose tissue and smooths skin surface using a soundwave therapy system of pulse technology to eliminate cellulite and temporarily reduce the appearance of bumps or lumps.

3) Ballancer pro moves water, metabolic waste, fat, sludge, and unnecessary biproducts in the cells through the lymphatic system eliminating them and the excess fluid and inches. This is achieved by slipping a full-body spacesuit for close to an hour for the treatment, and then you should be able to slip into that form-fitting cocktail dress.

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