The Ballancer®Pro for Recovery, Men’s Health & Wellness

How it helps:

The Ballancer®Pro is FDA cleared for relief of pain and muscular aches as well as enhancing circulation. It can also be used as tool for warm-up and enhancing circulation before exercise without putting additional strain on the body.

The Synergy-Effect for Pain relief:

The Ballancer®Pro is the perfect add-on to enhance the results of other pain-relief modalities Laser treatment, Cryotherapy, MLD, manual therapy, massage, ultrasound, RF etc.

Session recommendation is at least once per day and at minimum twice a day during high volume days. It dramatically speeds up the body’s own ability of regenerating itself and is recommended for fast and reliable full body recovery.

A lot of professionals refer to the Ballancer®Pro as their “secret weapon” because of its fast and efficient results after just one session and its ability to deliver a competitive advantage.

  • The Ballancer®Pro is built for professional use
  • It is the safest, most precise and most powerful compressor
  • Applying evenly distributed pressure delivers superior results
  • The Ballancer®Pro covers the entire legs, hips, glutes, groin and abdominal area
  • The Ballancer®Pro allows precise calibration of the pressure measured in mmHg as well as completely customizable treatment time or pressure levels within the garments
  • Instant removal of fluids, toxins and inflammation by directly pushing these fluids out of the body
  • Excreting these toxins ensures they have left the body to facilitate the recovery and rehabilitation process
  • Our jacket helps release pain from shoulders, arms and back, caused by inflammation, immobilization, toxins and lactic acid build-up

Why does it work?

  • The Ballancer®Pro brings advanced medical technology to athletic recovery
  • Lymphatic drainage is the best way to achieve this efficiently



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I have experienced the benefits of the Ballancer®Pro first hand. The recovery results my athletes have reported and that I have witnessed are groundbreaking. The Ballancer®Pro will revolutionize how we approach recovery, daily body maintenance, and rehabilitation.

The Ballancer®Pro is ideal for every NFL training room. What sets the Ballancer®Pro apart from other compression machines is the specificity of the pressure and how evenly the pressure is distributed throughout the pants/ jacket. What I believe is that most players would appreciate about the recovery pants is how high up on the waist they reach. Most players complain about having tight hips after practices and games but regular compression machine pants stop at the top of the thighs. The Ballancer®Pro recovery pants reach to about the navel so when getting treatment even the hips get flushed and it helps getting blood flow to that area.

Football players must use their hips a lot in action and my Ballancer®Pro helps with soreness and stiffness with  being constant. Another problem for football players are sore and heavy legs and because the Ballancer®Pro uses the lymphatic system to get rid of lactic acid and overall soreness there is a competitive edge to using this product. Along with healthy habits the Ballancer®Pro has helped me keep my upper and lower body feels fresher in preparing for upcoming opponents. It’s a amachine I like to use daily

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