From Laser Recovery to Microneedling: The Annotated Awards-Season Beauty Calendar

12/3/2018 by Beth Landman

CBD oil? EmSculpt? Anti-aging doctors and skin practitioners treating stars such as Lady Gaga and Rachel Weisz nail down what to do and when.

Awards season has kicked off, and many who will go before the kliegs and flashes will want what they consider optimal presentation. Yes, it’s too late for a little nip and tuck, says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Garth Fisher (Kim Kardashian and Kate Hudson are patients): “With high-def cameras, you need six weeks for anything surgical or an ablative laser and four weeks for most other lasers to be safe; you can’t afford scars or blotching.” What you can do is improve skin quality and tone (drink collagen!), restore gleam to hair (try CBD oil) and make your body look like you’ve been in the hands of a trainer for months with new combinations of machines and injectables. Here’s what still can be accomplished in time for the Golden Globes:

A week before, you can …

TONE AND SLIM WITH MACHINES Beverly Hills’ Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center now has the EmSculpt ($1,000), a device that exercises for you, performing the equivalent of 20,000 crunches in?30 minutes, while its Ballancer ($350) — which looks like a hazmat suit with 30 compression chambers that facilitate lymphatic drainage — contours the body.

“Some people have come in for 10 days straight and dropped two sizes, and some actresses are multitaskers — they get a hydrofacial ($250) and an IV vitamin infusion ($250 and up),” says Terri Ross, the center’s managing partner.


A version of this story also appears in the 2018 Women in Entertainment Power 100 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

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