We couldn’t be more excited to share the winners of Hip & Healthy’s annual Wellness Awards! We’d like to think we’re experts in all things health and wellbeing and as you’ll know, we’re passionate about sharing the latest and greatest in this amazing industry.

Below are 2021’s Wellness Winners, which we spent a long time deliberating over. While it was incredibly difficult to narrow the list down to the final winners, we feel the brands and products below are worthy of their titles and we hope you might discover some new brands that can help you on your way to feeling your best self this year.

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“This advanced lymphatic massage technology is the modern-day way to up your wellness from the comfort of your own home. Boasting an array of health benefits including natural detoxing, boosting the immune system, reduced bloating and improved digestion, plus the physical effects on the body which include firmer and smoother skin and improvement in appearance of cellulite, this is wellbeing tech at its finest. Living a super active lifestyle can often take it’s toll on my body, so trialing the Body Ballancer has been a game changer for my muscle recovery. Acting as a massager for my tired legs, I’ve been waking up rejuvenated using this amazing bit of kit.”