6 ways to feel holiday-ready (without having to do very much)

From a contouring tanning service to a sole-softening pedi and SPF treatment for hair.

We wait for our holiday for what feels like forever, yet it still manage to creep up on us, catching us unaware and often unprepared to bare. If you want to feel summer holiday-ready sharpish – be it in body or mind – try these top-to-toe treatments that do all the work for you.

The Body Ballancer lymphatic drainage treatment.

The newest trend in body contouring is, thankfully, completely non-invasive. The Body Ballancer, an aesthetic lymphatic massage treatment, works to eliminate excess fluid (read: puffiness and bloating–which we can all experience in summer) and stimulate circulation. It helps slim the abdomen and legs while firming the skin and diminishing the appearance of cellulite amongst other feel-good health and beauty benefits. The best bit? While the inflating compression garments – hooked to a machine – might look laughable during the 45-minute session, the feeling is like a satisfying manual massage on steroids while you simply lie back and lighten up.

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