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In the Venn diagram of beauty, wellness, and medical aesthetics, there are an overwhelming and ever-growing number of services to consider, from injections of all sort (vitamin IVs, fillers, Botox) to lights and lasers that stimulate everything from collagen to a sunnier outlook on life.

For the highly productive woman who wants to try it all but is short on time and patience, there is the Bossavy Institute, a gleaming and minimal 4,000-square-foot space opening this fall just east of the Barneys flagship.

The woman behind it, Dominique Bossavy, is the Los Angeles-based tattoo guru who will now flip between the coasts (when she’s not in her home country of France, where she is booked through November 2019). While she jokes that she has recently been pinch-hitting as a general contractor (and has the oversized mansard windows and ceramic floors to show for it), the technique she is really known for is NanoColor Infusion, a way of depositing semi-permanent color on the face and body to re-create the look of skin and hair. She uses it to do everything from bulk up thin eyebrows and restore flush pink tones to the lips to hide scars and stretch marks by matching them to one’s skin color and texture and even create trompe l’oeil nipples on post-mastectomy patients.

While her services will be on offer every 10 days or so (she is taking appointments now for December), it is far from the only item on the menu. “In New York, the women still have to take care of themselves, but they don’t want to spend three hours doing it,” she says.

The concept has been built so that multiple services can be performed at once, so you can get an IV for a hangover or jet lag while also lying in an LED light bed for what Bossavy calls “anti-aging on steroids.” “It removes inflammation, it boosts your metabolism, promotes blood circulation, activates your collagen in your cells,” says Bossavy. “When you come out of this, if you have any pain, it’s gone. And you’re glowing, you’re beaming. It’s feeling like you’re in the womb.”

Additional services on offer include sessions with the Ballancer Pro, an inflatable jacket or pair of pants that uses air pressure to move excess fluid out of the body, not unlike an automated lymphatic drainage massage with 10 hands at once. More traditional spa services like facials and therapeutic massages are available, as are dermatologist go-tos like facial injections and non-invasive fat removal.

While services will be available à la carte, the focus is on memberships that range from $3,000 to $8,500 a month, some of which include unlimited “maintenance” treatments and discounts on services. It may also be the best way to get off her wait list and in her chair.

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