Ballancer®Pro Lymphatic Compression Shapewear


Size up for perfect fit, Italian sizes run small. You can purchase multiple sizes for different applications. Maximum wear time: 2 hrs per day!

Our Bestseller!

Did you ever wish you could have a mini Ballancer®Pro to-go? Enjoy our medical grade lymphatic massage tights that offer a medical grade 2 (25-30mmHg) compression. Made in Italy of the finest and most comfortable microfibers the deliver graduated compression towards the thoracic.

Engineered to support lymphatic drainage and blood circulation as your body moves, by enhancing the muscle pump effect. Circular-spun in a hexagon-pattern weave they improve circulation and skin tone, reducing fluid retention by increasing metabolism between blood and tissue. Ease heavy legs and reduce fluid retention. Perfect for travel, post-workout recovery, and relief from long hours standing or sitting.

Size down for more intense compression. Size up for less compression.


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