Ballancer®Pro Lymphatic Flow Enhancing Luxury Sleepwear (Black)


Size up for perfect fit, Italian sizes run small.

Our Bestseller!

Did you ever wish you could have a mini Ballancer®Pro to-go, or to sleep in? Enter: our HA-infused lymphatic flow enhancing sleepwear

  • 24K gold nanoparticles, entirely infused with hyaluronic acid molecules on the fiber
  • Once you wear the TOTAL BODY SUIT, as a result of body thermal gradient, skin salinity and normal sweating, generates a migrant effect of the nanosystem from the fiber to the depths of the dermis
  • Both throughout the whole night and in the daytime for those more relaxed moments
  • The hyaluronic acid contained in the soft fabric stimulates the natural production of collagen, thus counteracting the aging action making the skin elastic & soft
  • Beneficial effects such as an hydrating activity, anti-oxidant action and a tone-up effect will be visible after a few nights of wear
  • Enjoy our medical grade lymphatic massage sleepwear that offer a light grade 1 (10-15mmHg) lymph flow enhancing compression
  • The results, already visible after 8 hours of use show increased skin hydration and elasticity, enhanced circulation and softness you can feel
  • Made in Italy of the finest and most comfortable microfibers the deliver graduated mild compression
  • The results in reduction in thighs and waist circumference were verified with specific tests at the Cosmetology Center of the University of Ferrara

Size down for more intense compression. Size up for less compression.


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