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With the regular use of the Ballancer 505 Aesthetic system , you will be able to avoid the development of Cellulite, to stop the accumulation of Cellulite, to treat Varicose veins, to shape the legs, abdomen, buttocks and arms, to strengthen loose skin ( that is the result of pregnanacy or obesity), to gain an immediate relief for “heavy legs” and to speed recovery of skin after Liposuction.

What are the expected results during and after a typical Ballancer 505 traetment course?

♦ Visual Silhouette Slimimg.
♦ Prevention and elimination of Cellulite.
♦ Volume reduction of legs, abdomen and buttocks.
♦ Prevention and sometimes elimination of light varicose.
♦ Firming, rejuvenating and toning of skin.
♦ Well being, healthy feeling, restored energy.


                   Before                                             After

New Ballancer 505- 3 aesthetic treatment cycles !

Great value for price !

Newest in the Ballancer family- based on the reliable technology of the famous Lympha Press brand features exclusive Pretherapy treatment cycle.

Ballancer 505 Pretherapy treatment is a gentle massaging of Proximal lymphatics, with the purpose of  “opening the way” for the transit of lymph liquids during the following cycle of the treatment.

Ballancer Prethreapy applies soft , gentle massage creating the famous relaxed state of mind, associated with Ballancer treatments. Pretherapy cycle starts the treatment at the proximal (close to the body) end of the treated limb. Once the Pretherapy cycle is over, Ballancer 505 will apply one of the pre selected peristaltic cycles:

Wave cycle- long, deep and slow peristaltic squeeze.

Ballancer cycle- short, superficial and fast peristaltic caresses.

How does Ballancer 505 Aesthetic device for cellulite, slimimg, firming of skin and healthy feeling, can affect your body?

Circulatory System:
Ballancer peristaltic corporal massage will act as an “external” heart .
It will enhance blood circulation by gently applying undirectional peristaltic pressure on peripheral veins. Blood circulation will be improved, the elimination of toxins is facilitated and MORE fresh oxygen reaches skin cells.

Digestive System:
Ballancer will compress and massage the abdomen. The result is relaxation of the abdominal muscles and at the same time a healthy stimulation of the bowl movements for more efficient evacuation of poisonous content.

Lymphatic System:
Lymphatic flow is enhanced. Lymph flow is improved, both in the peripheral and deep lymph nets.
The result is the evacuation of metabolic residuals from the interstitial spaces. The immunological system is benefited as well.
Ballancer massages the muscles. The peristaltic movement relaxes the muscle, drains it from excessive liquids that are a product of the muscle effort, thus calming muscle spasms.

Ballancer massage will allow open flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the skin layers. Skin will look better. feel better, will regain it’s tonus and will be firmer- visually and physically.

Our Ballancer 505 and the garment ,are made for treating beauty clinics clients, as well as for personal home use. Special design attention has been given to the ease of use and the clinet’s comfort.

Ballancer Pro Pants & Jacket

If treatments are performed regualrly, cellulite will be prevented and even eliminated.
A 24 air cell compression suits that will treat either lower body parts ( Ballancer Pro Pants)- from feet toes to just under the diaphragm area, or upper body parts ( Ballancer Pro Jacket)- from hands to just under the diaphragm area, including chest area, shoulders and back.

Our Unique Design:

♦ Every single sq. cm of skin is treated equally. Same pressure treatment pace all over.

♦ Flow of blood and lymph liquids are guaranteed to be in the right direction (towrads the heart).

♦ Makes it easier to help the client get in the pants ( less than a minute), as well as helping the client out of the pants.

♦ Suits will fit clients ( sizes S, M, L).

♦ Specifically designed stress removing zippers areas.

♦ 4 air connectors for easy connecting and disconnecting of air hoses.

Ballancer 505 is based on Lympha Press Optimal device that is being used only in the medical field. It offers the best possible way of lymph drainage, the highest quality imnthe world and simplicity of use.

Lympha Press is the only system in the world that treats the entire body, including arms, legs, chest, back, groing and abdomen. Made by Mega Afek from Israel and represented by P-MediCyp Ltd from Cyprus.