Lymphatic drainage can encourage tissue regeneration. Treatment can be as soon as 24 hrs after surgery, with consent from the doctor and no contra-indications. After surgery, lymphatic pathways will be distinctly different – studies show that it takes between seven and ten days for natural functioning of the lymphatic vessels to be re-established. The most significant benefit of applying lymphatic drainage after surgery is to prevent or alleviate edema or swelling. Swelling can cause pain and encourage infection.

Pre-surgery: 1-3 treatments recommended. Benefits may include:

  • preparation of tissue for surgery
  • reduction in edema and swelling- may allow surgery sooner
  • stimulation of immune system
  • relaxation

Post-surgery: As soon as 24hrs after surgery. Benefits may include:

  • reduction in post-surgical edema
  • encourages lymphatic ‘re-routs’
  • reduction in pain
  • body tissue detoxification to help reverse build-up of toxins that are secondary to effects of medication
  • fluid circulation stimulation
  • immune system stimulation and prevention of post-surgical infections